Meet Erin

That's me. The one who loves flowers, loves them as my media and making them into an expression of art. My mind is always listening to the waves of creation, what nature is saying in the process and how I can bring it to the forefront. It's a joy to do this process with a bride. Leading all the way to her expression when she sees her bridal bouquet for the first time on her wedding day. The moment seems to stop time for a second, as she takes in the smell and feels the joyous energy flowers give. That's my happy place.  My best friend pointed it out to me years ago when helping me deliver a wedding and the joy and energy I get from that moment is what makes me crave and love my job. 

Urban Chateau is going 7 years strong with me having 14 years of experience in the wedding industry. I feel so blessed, for this vision started at a young age walking through floral coolers at wholesalers with my mother as she did her design business. First took me down a road doing Interior Design but missed that floral cooler smell.